Things to KNOW!

I know you might be feeling overwhelmed or nervous. But honestly, this is not suppose to have you pulling your hair out. Potty Training can be fun, easy, and stress free!

Here are some more things that we will be covering in the Pro Potty Trainer:

 1. The secret behind what separates the Pro Potty Trainer from all the other systems out there.

 2. Why and how to use a kitchen timer effectively?

 3. Why it is critical to get your child drinking tons of fluids? You will receive tons of creative ideas in the manual.

 4. The best way to reward your child! Pages and pages of effective ways to get your child WANTING to go to the potty!

5. A list of things to buy before you get started.

6. How to have the COOLEST bathroom ever!

7. How to tackle the critical Days 1-3 ?

8. Implementing the "maintenance program." ...and so much more.

I have enjoyed sharing just a tiny bit of information with you through these articles. I am going to assume you have already bought the Pro Potty Trainer or you are about to purchase it.   You will LOVE this! To subscribe to more great tips and tricks go to  

Jen Lovelady