Potty Train Naked?

During the process of potty training many parents are tempted to let Junior run around the house with no clothes on at all. Although, your little one will no doubt love the freedom and think it is super cool...naked really isn't your best option. 

But your child in the least amount of clothes possible so it is easy-on-easy-off.  A really bad idea would be putting them in overalls, leotards, or jeans with a belt. Honestly, a t-shirt and underwear is perfect! This way you can quickly see any accidents.  Part of the potty training process is learning to pull down underwear and pull them up again.    In the Pro Potty Trainer I give you suggestions for protecting your furniture and carpet. 

You are learning a lot and hopefully well on your way to being diaper free! Next Article Below: I answer the question "Should I use a Potty Chair or a Seat Ring?"

Jen Lovelady