Potty Chair or Seat Ring?

A few days ago I said I would help you determine which is better for your child...a Potty Chair or a Toilet Ring. I have three reasons why I prefer the Potty Chair.   1. The Potty Chairs are mobile. You can take it upstairs, downstairs, in the kitchen when you are making dinner and even in the car. (We did this on many occasions!)   2. It makes it so much easier for YOU to SEE the dribbles of pee if any happen to come out and then reward your child. Your little one will SEE the pee and understand that they just did that. It is so darling when they do this for the first time.   3. The Potty Chairs fit their tushes really well. Now, I do get the big reason some parents don't choose the potty chair...yes, emptying out the little bucket. It really isn't that bad.   In the manual also find tips for teaching your little boy how to eventually stand and aim in the right direction.  This tip works every time.   Look below this article to the next one on "How to handle the first accident?" This is critical. If you are too anxious to get going you can click the link below and get started today with the entire Pro Potty Trainer System and Video's sent immediately to your inbox.

Jen Lovelady


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