Poop Training…

If you are extremely lucky.... your child may learn BOTH potty training and "poop" training at the same time. If you are not that lucky, (which most of us aren't) the manual goes into great detail on this subject.

In order to give you a head start.....here are a few things to remember:

1. This isn't "birthing class" where everyone stands around watching saying, "push push push". Your little one might want some privacy just like you.

2. When you want your little one to to "poop", say this: "Claire, it is time to go poop."  A big mistake that many parents make is to say, "let's go potty" and then expect them to go "poop". They are good listeners and very smart!

3. Lastly, kids are scheduled just like adults. If they went "poop" after lunch today, the chances that they will "poop" tomorrow after lunch is pretty good. Keep track of their bowel movements so you will know when they will likely need to go the next day.

There is much more on this subject in the Pro Potty Trainer system. Just remember.... you must be excited to get going and you will tackle potty training with HUGE success!

In the next article you can look forward to the critical "POTTY DANCE" and WHY it is so IMPORTANT...it isn't what you think.

Jen Lovelady