Critical Potty-Dance

I hope you are really getting the idea of how easy potty training can be if we follow some very helpful tips and guidelines.

Most Parents are all too familiar with the famous "potty-dance". But THIS potty dance is a bit is YOU doing it! You heard right.  It is so critical that when your child REALLY GO'S PEE, you do the "Potty Dance!" Your job is to be elated and excited with clapping, calling Nana and Papa, lots of hugs, and dancing.  This is the time to have a big Par-tay! FUN, FUN, FUN! BIG, BIG, BIG deal!  Act like you won the lottery and be beaming with excitement

Now the even MORE critical part is what happens AFTER that. The HUGE key to success in potty training is the system that follows...but that is an entire video and several pages of explaining in the Pro Potty Trainer system. I hope you get your hands on it soon, because I am ready for you to save money and be done with diapers. I have enjoyed sharing just a tiny bit of information. I am going to assume you have already bought the Pro Potty Trainer or you are about to purchase it.  You will LOVE this!

Jen Lovelady