Biggest Mistake!


You may not be ready to start the program just yet, but if you can avoid this ONE mistake you will be so far ahead of the game of potty training. Too many moms and dads start with good intentions and excitement, but without the correct tools and tricks you can begin to feel like you are about to pull your hair out. It is okay. I am here to help you!

Biggest mistake: Using "Pull-Ups" thinking that they are the next step in training a big boy or girl.

"Pull Ups" are a waste of time and money, and the most confusing invention for kids when learning to potty train. You need to transition them directly to underwear. I know you may be asking many questions like: "What about all the accidents?" Don't worry!  In the Pro Potty Trainer program, I address all of those types of questions. Trust me...NO- "Pull Ups" means quicker potty training!

You can do it!

Jen Lovelady