Solutions to BIG Success


If I could tell every parent just one thing that would make potty training so much easier and more successful for your "little one" it would be this...

You HAVE to get them drinking A LOT of fluids.  Your "little one" needs to have MANY opportunities to succeed, and that happens IF and ONLY IF they have to go pee!  Your job is to give them any, and every kind of liquid to keep them drinking all day! In the program, I will give you many suggestions for morning, noon, and night that will keep the beverages fun and different. As well as tons of fun tips to make drinking fluids "cool and fun." If you don't have everything in place before you begin, then drinking a lot of fluids can be an accident waiting to happen. But when you are using the entire program, drinking fluids will be your BEST TIP!

I can't wait for you to get started!

Look below for an article about- "How to Keep Your Little Ones Tush on the Toilet".

I believe in you!

Jen Lovelady