50 Tips and Tricks




 Top 50 Tips and Tricks 


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Get tips on every topic you need to make your family run smoother; everything from Kids, Home, Family Fun, Marriage, Kitchen, Office and Your Car!


Here are a few!!!

1.     Use pre-addressed home address labels to fill out all doctor and school forms. No more writing the same info over and over…just stick and go!

2.     Use a Lint Roller to clean all your lamp shades. Your kids will love this chore!

3.     Keep a “Family Blessing Book” out on the coffee table. Anyone can write a sentence, draw a picture, or share a story at ANY time they chose. They will be journaling what they are grateful or thankful for. This book becomes a great record of the joyful things that happen in your family. It will become a legacy.

4.     Do you still have your “unity” candle from your wedding? Light it on your anniversary every year.

5.     Do you have stale left over tortillas? Make them into great corn chips. Just spray them with non-stick cooking spray, cut into wedges with pizza cutter, and bake until crispy! Another ‘sweet’ ides is- lightly brush with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar!

6.     Buy a phone-headset, and use it! Seriously! It’s the best multi-tasking aid.

7.     Keep a legal sized note pad between your console and the driver’s seat. Use it to jot down all those thoughts and lists that you think of while driving!


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