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All NEW Mom’s Coaching Program!

NINJA – Mom Training!

Become a highly trained mom who comes equipped with stealth systems, tactics and armed to conquer life!

 Are you a NORMAL mom that could use some help figuring out how to conquer your day more effectively? How to WIN at life again?!

This all new 6 week program is just what you need!  Begins October 15th!

Here are a few things you will learn…

  • Discover the TOP 30 Organizational Tools EVERY mom should use in her home to make life MUCH simpler!
  • Conquer Rush-Hour in the home! Now the hours between 3pm – 8pm are no longer crazy and hectic…they are a breeze!
  • Uncover NINJA-LOVE! The 7 things that have to happen in your relationship starting TODAY if you still want LOVE later!
  • Navigate through TIME MANAGEMENT in the new millennium!
  • Get the 15 BEST App’s so you have a personal secretary at your fingertips!
  • DeClutter your entire HOME and even your maxed out HEAD-space! Imagine a clear head for once…
  • When being STAGNENT is no longer an option.  Map out clear concise goals AND an action plan to accomplish them in 6 weeks!
  • Implement new and improved SYSTEMS for your home & life!
  •  Tackle your family SCHEDULE!
  • Uncover the Warrior in you!  Discover who you are? What’s missing in your life? And what your purpose is?

Here’s how the 6 weeks’ work:

One night a week for one hour women from around the country come together on the phone and participate in fun, challenging training and coaching. Be prepared to take a lot of notes and learn!

This entire coaching program is done in the comfort of your own home so anyone from around the country can join! All calls are recorded in case you miss the live call.

You will then be given homework to tackle each week with great success.

You are about to embark on one of the best investments you could ever make…


ONLY 50 Spots available!

$99 –Early Bird Special (Register before October 5th)

$129—Receive 6 weeks of coaching, training, expertise, lots of encouragement, and tons of fun!

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