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My Favorite Personalized Necklace

I have been on the hunt for this week’s favorite find for a year! But after seeing many different styles and options, I finally came across one that I love and thought I’d share it with you. Favorite finds are a cinch for you; you don’t have to leave the comfort of my living room!

I love my new necklace. So this pewter, engraved circle has the word “Love” on it, which of course is perfect for me, but you can fit up to seven letters on this particular piece. Your child’s name, a word that inspires you, you wedding anniversary.  The pewter piece is $18, and I opted to have this cute black pearl hang with it, for $7. You can have a white pearl, no pearl, many little engraved charms, you name it. The chain is very simple and only cost $5, it’s a casual piece that I wear daily.

I try to be careful about a lot of promoting, but this necklace is truly a favorite find and I got it from my dear friend. You can get one too, by checking out her website at or emailing her directly at What will be your word?

Another quick favorite find falls under the same category of jewelry, and it is so inexpensive! While you all have seen my huge make up and jewelry set up in my room, I know that many of you may not have room to display each piece that you own. That’s where this bracelet display comes in! I bought it at Michaels for only $6.99, but you can pick one up at any craft store that has beads and jewelry making supplies. This black velvety bar holds many of my bracelets, but for that price you can buy three!

Simplicity and jewelry, two of my favorite things!