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The Best Boy’s Birthday Party


I hope you enjoyed that short video. With four kids, it’s hard to keep coming up with good birthday ideas…especially on a budget. But this FEAR FACTOR Party for my son was his favorite! It was so gross;  lot of gagging, laughing, and quite frankly the funniest things ever to watch! Warning: This theme must be celebrated outside!!

Here’s how I broke the theme down and planned this huge hit of a party.

  1. For the invitation, I searched for the “Fear Factor logo” on Google (love Google!!) and put that on the top of a  Word Document. I made everything else on my computer.
  2. Get this: the cake was served in a NEW cat litter box! It even included a pooper-scooper for dishing it out! I made chocolate cake and yellow cake from mixes, crumbled them up, put frosting everywhere. The finishing touches were the melted tootsie rolls. All over. Even up the sides of the little box!
  3. What about the games?
    1. Egg toss: the boys were partnered up and tossed a raw egg back and forth to one another, taking a big step back after each successful catch!
    2. Kix Blow: Each kid put a Kix cereal piece in the tip of a nostril, covered the other nostril, and blew hard! The person who blew the cereal piece the farthest wins! (Yuck alert-- Not just the Kix comes flying out!)
    3. Gooey Mystery Food: Before the party, remove the labels from various baby food jars and number the jars in order. Then the boys had to taste test each one with a toothpick and write down what they thought it was.
    4. Diaper surprises:The kids have to guess what is inside the diapers. They do this by smelling each diaper and writing their answer down. (No worries…it’s all food!) :)  Take 6 diapers with different things, be creative! SO GROSS! I used mustard, chocolate pudding, cinnamon.
    5. Flour-n-Gum: Each boy got a paper plate with a piece of Hubba-Bubba gum on it…but before they were handed their plate, I dumped a heaping pile of flour over the gum. They had to lay on the ground, not use their hands, find the gum, and chew it. The first one to blow a bubble won!
    6. Spamathon: The boys divided into teams, and each team received a plate with a piece of Spam on it. They had 3 minutes to eat as much of their Spam as possible!
    7. Hot Peppers! Need  I say more… ;)
    8. Relay race: The twist? Throw in some dog biscuits! They crawled on hands and knees across the yard to a paper plate, grabbed a dog biscuit off the plate, chewed, showed it was swallowed, and crawled back to tag the next teammate.
    9. After all that nastiness, some treats were absolutely deserved! On this one, the sky’s the limit!  Think plastic spider rings, gummy worms, eye-ball ring pops…. You name it.

Surely you have an idea or two to make this FEAR FACTOR Party even more amazing!

Share your ideas below!

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  2. By Caprice on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Jen – Great ideas! I did the Fear Factor party three years ago with my son and amongst all the great birthday parties he had, Fear Factor goes down in history as the most fun and memorable! Now that you gave me more ideas, I think I’ll plan this again for my son that will turn 10 soon!
    At ours we did the shark pit (put toy sharks in the pool and had them balance across a 2 x 4 to the other side), had them get the gummie spiders out of the plate of whip cream using no hands, had a tall inflatable rock climbing wall and made an obstacle course throughout the yard where they had to grab the yellow flags all the way through, had fake rats around a blender and blended can of whole tomatoes and had them take shots, did the egg toss too! It was so fun to see all of their faces during all of this!

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