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Google Text! No more 411!


Everyone knows that I LOVE Google. I’m the biggest fan they have, and today I learned one more reason to gush about them! So when you’re out and about and you have to call to get in for a quick bang trim, or want to call the kids’ school to tell them that your son is going home with Grandma, how do you find the number? Call 411? Sure it’s helpful but it’s also expensive. Here’s how you can do it from now on: Go into your contacts on your phone. Add a contact by the name of Google. Then type in the number 466453. When you need a number, address, or quick info, text Google and within about three seconds, your question is answered! So cool, right? Say goodbye to 411 fees!

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  2. By Katherine on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    ok google girl! that was a great tip. just confirming there are no fees for google text? When I tried it I just got the address of the business and not the phone number – wonder what I’m doing wrong?

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