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Cool gadget when your kids DON’T have cell phones


Quick communication with your kids!

We just got back from Cabo, and it was the first big trip for our kids. We brought along something to keep us all in check as we all went about seeing what the resort had to offer the different age ranges of our family. These Motorola walkie-talkies kept us in the know when our kids were headed to the hotel room to shower while the rest of us were at the pool, or if they wanted to join in at bingo or an art project.  I can see that these will be really helpful back at home too, when our 6-year-old walks to the neighbors house, or if we’re camping and the kids are riding their bikes around. They just clip right on to your pants, and they’re really easy to use. Love these easy devices for keeping track of my kids and communicating with them!

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