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Perfect Sentimental Gift Idea!

This week I’m reporting from my car, as summer has hit and kids are underfoot. So this seemed like a great spot to share an idea with all of you, without background “music.”
This darling idea came to our family years ago, and it is still super special and brings smiles. If a Build-a-Bear store is in your local mall, you can make a family memento like the one my daughter Alexis has, and it’ll bring a sweet smiles to your family for years to come too!
My oldest daughter is now 13, and through her life she has had a very dear relationship with her Grammy Jeri. Grammy isn’t her biological grandmother, but she’s a very dear part of our family just the same, and the special bond that she shares with Alexis started from the beginning. Since Alexis was about three months old, Grammy has been calling her “Peckin’ Queen.” Somehow it stuck.

Quite a number of years ago, Grammy gave Alexis this sweet friend from Build-a-Bear, and in the paw is the surprise. Grammy recorded her voicing saying, “Grammy loves you, Peckin’ Queen!” Years pass, and this little guy is still sharing Grammy’s voice with us, and her term of endearment that is unique only to Alexis.
Your child can enjoy the same sentiment, with a soothing, memorable memento for years to come. Most importantly, perhaps it brings the voice of a dear one that might not be with us ten or fifteen years from now. This unique family gift says it all!

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