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1 Minute Tip to Easier Cooking!

This week I hit up my favorite aisle in the grocery store! I'm telling you, it makes cooking so much easier! When you get to this spot in the store, you can see that my favorite find of the week takes up like a third of the entire aisle. Have you guessed it yet? It's the packet aisle!So for a homemade meal, I can just grab a seasoning packet and viola- it's done. No more searching through my cupboards for that unusual spice, or finding the recipe that worked that one time. Now, I don't use these every night, but when simplicity is needed yet I still want a healthy meal on the table for my family, this does the job.Tacos, pork chops, pot roast, enchiladas. You name it, bring on the seasoning packet and the crock pot. Put together a salad and another side veggie. You're good to go! Enjoy, folks! See you next time on!

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