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Yummy Snack Treat for Kids!

This is one of my favorite and super easy treats that I make when the kids have a birthday treat for school, a party, or just a special day. It’s so simple and inexpensive, but it really makes the children feel special.

I buy the long pretzel sticks, and chocolate for melting. The better the chocolate you buy, the better it will taste. Then of course I always have sprinkles in the cupboard at home. In the kitchen, I have a tall, slender dish to melt the chocolate in; it only takes a minute or two in the microwave. The taller the dish or cup, the easier it is to fit the long pretzel rod in and cover almost the whole length of it. Once the chocolate is melted, I stick the pretzel in the chocolate and swirl it around, covering all the pretzel except a couple of inches at the bottom, which will be the “handle.” What’s nice about this kind of pretzel is that it leaves a spot for little hands to hold on without all the mess of melting chocolate and sticky fingers. Once the pretzel is covered with chocolate, I pull it out of the dish and pour the sprinkles on all of the melted chocolate. Then I lay the covered pretzel on wax paper while it cools & dries. It’s that easy, you guys. I make a dozen or so and it looks like something really fun & special, when really it was a cinch. If I’m really feeling snazzy, I place melted white chocolate in a baggie, cut the tip like you’re decorating a cake, and drizzle designs of white chocolate on the dried milk chocolate pretzels.


1 Minute Tip to Easier Cooking!

This week I hit up my favorite aisle in the grocery store! I'm telling you, it makes cooking so much easier! When you get to this spot in the store, you can see that my favorite find of the week takes up like a third of the entire aisle. Have you guessed it yet? It's the packet aisle!So for a homemade meal, I can just grab a seasoning packet and viola- it's done. No more searching through my cupboards for that unusual spice, or finding the recipe that worked that one time. Now, I don't use these every night, but when simplicity is needed yet I still want a healthy meal on the table for my family, this does the job.Tacos, pork chops, pot roast, enchiladas. You name it, bring on the seasoning packet and the crock pot. Put together a salad and another side veggie. You're good to go! Enjoy, folks! See you next time on!

“Planning a Successful Summer!”

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