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Great Idea! FREE Fun Child-Date-Activity!

Before I fill you all in on my favorite find this week, I want to announce the winner from last week’s giveaway. I promised to treat one lucky subscriber to my favorite photo clutch! Well, Michelle Walker, it’s your lucky day! I’ll contact Michelle and hand over her prize!

So this week’s favorite find, which is when you get to find out my favorite finds without leaving the comfort of your home, is Lowe’s Home Improvement! Surprised? Well I was surprised to learn how many of you didn’t know this great kid activity that Lowe’s offers. Each month, Lowe’s hosts two woodworking workshops a month, for free, for children ages 3 to 15 years old! They do this nationwide, and they provide a woodworking make-n-take that has everything you need for the project: tools, a different kit each time, even a little carpenter’s smock! This month, I’m taking my 8-year-old daughter and we’ll be making a kaleidoscope. It’s a fun outing for you and your child to hang out, create something, and spend some special time together. Thanks, Lowes!!

I also have a big announcement to make! Starting in April, the first Thursday of each month, subscribers to my site can enjoy a FREE monthly call to help moms out! The first call will be held Thursday, April 1st, at 6:30 PM PST, and we’re talking about planning the perfect summer. I’ll cover all the bases, summer camps, creating a memorable “stay-cation,” outings, summer foods, safety … you name it! It’s going to be a phenomenal call, so be sure to subscribe. Just enter your name & email address in the banner of my site. And yet another reason to subscribe: next week I’m handing out another fabulous giveaway!!

The Best Way to Show off Pictures of Your Kids!

This week’s favorite find will be yours too! If you subscribe to my blog by this weekend, in the upper right hand corner, your name could be drawn to win this cute photo clutch! I love to show off my babies, from little on up to big, and this is a way to fit a ton of photos into one cute little clutch that pops right in my purse. It’s a sentimental mom thing, and you’re going to love yours.

I got mine at TJ Maxx for only $6.99, I’ve also seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond, and if you Google "photo clutch" you’ll see all the different colors in snakeskin and tapestry. They range from six to twelve dollars. But yours could be free if you’re subscribed to my blog! On Monday I’ll draw one lucky winner’s name. Subscribe now on this page! Just enter your name and email.

Do You Find Yourself COMPLAINING About Your Busy Schedule?

I hear a lot of parents complain about how busy their family schedule is. Their weekly calendar is overflowing with lessons, classes, sports, and more sports. There’s snack in the car, drive-through dinners, baths, homework, and bedtime battles. Parents, and kids, feel overrun with obligations, rehearsals, and carpooling. “We’re so busy, there’s no downtime! No family time! No fun!”

Who’s to blame?

Prepare yourself for this one: Parents are.

Did I offend anyone? Keep reading, because you’ll see there’s truth to this.

I grew up on a farm, so we didn’t do much outside of playing on the farm, but my sisters and I had our share of sports too. And while farm life might not translate to everyday life for you, don’t think I’m missing the mark here because nowadays my family can be just as at fault here. The difference being that it’s the exception to the rule. If you think about, we as parents are the ones making these decisions; we’re the ones filling up the calendar.

When our children go to school each day, they have an advocate. Their teachers arm them with all they need to succeed. At home, you are your child’s advocate. If family time is important to you, provide it. If family dinners matter, schedule them. If you feel swamped, cut back on the activities. This is your call, and it’s your responsibility. You create the childhood and the family life that you desire. 

In our family of six, we have a rule: one activity per season. Of course, like everything else in parenthood, there’s always an exception, but this is a good rule of thumb. What are your family’s priorities? What are your boundaries? Open up this dialogue with your spouse.  Place a value on family time, on being a playful. Recognize that you can ease the tension on your calendar and create more joy in your family life.