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The BEST Mascara EVER!

Do you have a child age Kindergarten - High School? If so, you should know that BLOCKBUSTER rewards your kids for having good grades. If your little one has a "Satisfactory" or a "B" average then take their report card into Blockbuster within 30 days and they will get 1 FREE rental of their choice! How cool is that? :-)

Now... have you been on the hunt for the best mascara in the world? I have it...and LOVE IT! It rocks! Curls, adds Volume, and Lengthens. OoooLaLa...I love this stuff. Found at Sephora for $22 the brand and color is: Make Up Forever- Smoky Lash. Let me know what you think!

Until next time...

How to Make “Boyfriend Jeans!”

The celebrities wear them and they cost a fortune! Whether they are for you or your teen-age daughter...they are super fun! I have had a lot of people ask how to make them so here you go! All the scoop and instructions on making your own riped up, worn out BOYFRIEND JEANS!

Solution to Mis-Matched Socks!

Laundry...UGH! Folding towels are not so bad, even the dark load isn't  that bad. But I hate folding whites! More than that...I hate matching socks! :) Until.......I changed the way I do things to a more effective system.

The problem was that every kid had massive socks and massive colors and would lose just one of them. Then for months we had the lone-ranger sock! Soooo frustrating. The kids don't like to help match socks because they are frustrated that the task is too daunting.

The fix?

1. Give every sock in your household to Goodwill! ALL of them...start from scratch. Trust HAVE TO DO IT. :)

2. Buy 15 pairs of socks (2 packs) of your child's favorite type of sock. BUT IT HAS  to have a small amount of one color. (Tommy gets white with Red toe, Joey gets white socks with Blue toes.) That way they are easy to match and it won't matter if they ever lose one of them.

3. Enlist your kids to fold socks because NOW it is easy-breezy!

Loving life MATCHED up!