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How to Capture Fun Family Stories

Everyone loves a great story! We are intrigued with them whether they are true or false. Storytelling has been around for centuries. Primitive hunters would go out and hunt and come back and recall their hunting stories to their sons. (Maybe with a bit of exaggeration!) Cavemen would sit or squat around a flickering fire and tell stories. It is a lost art.

Our children love to be told stories of when they were born, how we as adults grew up and what we were like at their age. They like hearing about the silly stuff they did as a baby and the funny things they have done. Perhaps when your child goes to bed at night you can not only read books, but also tell those stories. Let their imagination get some exercise, engage them in fun communication and playful talk. Let your little one try and tell a story or recall a favorite family vacation. We need to do everything we can to parent our kids in creative ways and bond the family unite again.

BIG TIP: Keep a spiral bound notebook or journal in the family room or kitchen so you can quickly jot down the funny things that your child says or the outrageous things that happen in your family. Imagine years of pages recounting memories that you otherwise would have forgotten. Use the journal a lot, allow your older kids to jot stuff in it, and bring it out often.

Good luck with your family storytelling... I hope this helps support your family.
Until next time...find JOY!

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