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How You Can Be My Friend

Let's be honest...some people are easier and more fun to be in a relationship or do business with than others. I have realized that there is one type of person that I LOVE working with regardless of their personality! If you have the wonderful ability to be authentic with me, I am sure we can be friends. Very few people are truly authentic because they are too busy trying to please everyone around them.

There is something about someone who is themselves when they are at work AND at home. BUT more importantly...I PRAY you are the same in the social media world as you are in your real world. It is too easy these days to put up a front that you have it all together. Why try and portray a life that is nothing close to WHO you are. BE YOU!

If you tried to wear my clothes for a day you wouldn't look very good nor would they look good on you.  That is because they are mine. =)  Wear your own clothes...they fit you perfectly and you wear them well. So why try and be someone you aren't?  Why try and act like someone else? BE looks good on you!

I have lots of great things that I love about myself, but then I also have those things that drive my family crazy. I am me... if you stick around long enough you will find out more things about me that drive YOU crazy...but that is ok too.

Be authentic! BE YOU!

Until next time...find JOY!


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