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Finally a Proven and EASY system to POTTY TRAIN Your Toddler!

Are you sick and tired of changing dirty diapers?

If you're like most parents, you are probably fed up with spending money on diapers and wasting your time changing them! Virtually every parent gets to that point where they are DONE ... completely OVER the entire idea of having to change another diaper again.

  • "When will my kid finally figure it out?"
  • "When will WE figure it out?"
  • "I WANT to potty train my child, but I just don’t know how to do it!"

Have you been wondering if now is the time to potty train but you don’t know exactly how to do it?

Most parents WANT to get their kid out of diapers, but they simply don't know HOW to do it. If you’ve never done something before, it’s kinda hard to know how to do it sometimes, isn’t it?

Let me partner with you and make this EASY! I have potty trained TONS of kids. All four of my kids were trained in less than three days, and I have helped dozens of other families how to do exactly what I did. And the great news is ... ANYBODY can do it!

Any Parent Can Easily Potty Train Their
Child in Three Days or Less Using My
Simple, Proven System!

My personal guarantee to you… When you do this EXACTLY as I teach the program, you will have your cherub potty trained in only three days and have them out of diapers for good! YES! Remember…you have to follow my steps EXACTLY as I teach them. The great news is these steps are very easy to follow and can be done by any parent willing to follow them.

Click on Pro Potty Trainer in the upper right corner and get started!

Until next time...find JOY!


3 Tips to enJOY the Holidays this year!

It's hereeeee....yes! The Holiday's are fast approaching! I challenge you to go into this season with a new plan, a plan to continue your path to success while having a joyfilled personal life too! It CAN be done!

By this time of year many of you are over-stressed, over-worked and UNDER joyed. YIKES! Let's change that. With these 3 simple steps you will be able to relax, enjoy and love on those most important to you. Don't worry it has nothing to do with taking a hiatus from work or stopping your cash flow.

Step 1. Be Planned and Prepared

Let me teach you how to be more planned and prepared than ever before. Take 30 minutes and brainstorm all of the things you personally have to do every year during this time to make the Holiday's happen. Things like:

  • Get your family Christmas picture taken
  • Write thank you notes to your clients for Thanksgiving!
  • Mail out Christmas and Holiday cards, including adding new people to your list!
  • Mail out packages
  • Hang the tree lights outside
  • Get your hair colored and cut
  • Make a list of everyone you are buying for this year; secretary, teachers, staff, friends
  • Make reservations at the restaurant for your staff lunch/dinner

I seriously could make a list of a hundred things that you MIGHT need to get done. But the point is, brainstorm all of it...down to the last detail and then put a date next to each item.

Step 2. Put forth EFFORT

When someone applies effort to any situation it speaks volumes about how much they care! Have you messed up lately? Whether you have messed up in a project, at work, at school, or in a relationship it can be improved by EFFORT. What better time than the holiday's to apply effort? Go early to shop for your lover's gift rather then two days before Christmas. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES. If you are planned and prepared you will have more time to put forth EFFORT. I promise.

Step 3. Set the right Priorities

Having success and cash is awesome! It allows us to do so much and give so much back to people. But we all know that all the money in the world won't replace a hug or companionship. The holidays are about IMPRESSING UPON THOSE YOU LOVE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM...NOT ABOUT IMPRESSING PEOPLE WITH GIFTS.

You are about to embark on the best Holiday season of your life!

Until next time...FIND JOY!

Jen Lovelady

listen. learn. share. repeat.

How to Get Permenant Marker off _____?

This video is loaded! After many requests to see more of my home, I finally shot video in my office. (AND gave you a huge tour of my office! LOL) Hopefully you will get a couple of office decorating or organizing ideas, but if will surely steal my amazing BEST-EVER tip on how to remove PERMANENT Marker from a dry erase board!

Seriously, this tip is rockstar material! It works every time! Now if you aren't impressed with my office, and you aren't impressed with my tip, then you will surely be impressed with my NEW GOOGLE TSHIRT! For those of you who don't know me...I LOVE coffee, lip-gloss and GOOGLE. All I had to do was go to Google and type in my question!

So enjoy this dumb video and learn lots!
Until next time...JOY IT UP!
Jen Lovelady

Solution to Messy Kids Eating Rice!

Do your kid's eat rice? Does it end up on the floor like white ants crawling in every direction! UGH! My kid's love it, but my 3 year old gets more on the floor than in her mouth. Making rice-balls changed my life! LOL

Use Sticky-Rice from your local Asian Supermarket.


Until next time...find JOY!