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How To Be a Fun Mom


This is just a friendly reminder for all of us mom's to remember to be silly and spontaneous with our kid's.  Playing on the big-toy, playing tag, painting, and blowing bubbles isn't just good for THEM but it is good for US too! Our kids need to see a different side of you then just the CEO of the home. :-)

I challenge you to play again...suprise your kids!

“Cheap” Fun for Kids!

Finding new and fun activities for your kids can be challenging. Here is a fun BIG book that everyone in the family will enjoy. Use this for a car trip, at a football game, in the bleachers at a basketball game, or just at home! All ages will enjoy it. A fun ginormous "Search and Find!"

Balancing Family and Business!

Thank you Nextvoice247 for allowing me to be a guest blogger for you!

As entrepreneurs we are passionate and on a mission to change the world with our product or service. We are enthusiastic and driven to climb to the top! But as entrepreneurs we need to take our loved ones on the ride with us! It will be no fun to reach the top and look around and have no one there to enjoy what we have built!

I am a busy mom of 4 little ones, building 2 companies alongside my family. It can busy difficult to balance the chaos of kids and family. I know how hard it is to shut off my creative driven mind and BE PRESENT with my family when I am dying to work into the late hours of the night.

But I chose to be intentional in putting my kids and family as a high priority in my life. Their perception of how important my work is to me…is their reality! We do have some control over that by refraining from the ball-in-chain of your phone and computer during family time.  The people closest to us need to see us choosing THEM over WORK. SHOW them how much we care…

I teach women all over the globe how to get a handle on life and home by joining a Mom’s 8 week accountability program called JOY IT UP! And that my friend…is what life is about! Finding JOY in LIFE and BUSINESS!

Until next time… FIND JOY!

How to Decorate a Boys Room

Boys have a lot of STUFF. We found that lockers are a fun way to store their things and make a boys room look cool! Lockers hold a lot of things and you can now buy those cool locker stackables to make shelves inside the lockers!

Also in this video is a fool-proof way to have ALL the lights off in your house when everyone leaves. Reduce your electrical bill!

And lastly...a little dancing at the end of the video's JUST FOR FUN! Because that is what life is about!