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We all want to have JOY in our families and lives. Life was never meant to be about rushing and stressing. I believe that as mom's we can restore some sanity to our lives if we have some AMAZING tools, training, accountability and some encouragment. There is a program that can give ALL of that to you and MORE. I believe after watching this video you will see this program could be your ANSWER!

Starbucks VIA! AND a cool party trick!


There are some things in this life that are totally unexpected! Seriously, who ever thought that Instant Coffee could ever taste so amazing! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Starbucks VIA! Now I never leave home without it!

Birthday Traditions

Creating traditions for your family is so important! It can be the glue that holds the family together. A tradition is something that provides JOY on a regular basis or that is repetitive. Become a family that is rich in family traditions! Be intentional during the year. IT IS WORTH IT!

A Solution for Your Kids Keepsakes & Papers

Do you get frustrated with all your kids' projects, arts and crafts? The papers are never ending. If you don't have an organizational system in place you will love this tool!

Multi Talented Hula Hooper and Lunch Maker!

Okay, so my hula hoop skills are not adequately displayed in this video, but it was a small hoop! Wait till the end of the video and receive a helpful tip on making your kids feel special with a simple gesture. But, it's done "Lovelady Style" with a great multi use product!