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This week’s favorite find teaches an important principle to your kids in a fun and easy way!

But first, check out what is NOT on my list of favorites this week! In fact, “Slightly Disturbing Find” is more like it! I saw on a flier that The Dollar Store now offers steak. My advice, stick with what you do best. Um, steak is not it.

Anyway, in our family, we have these fabulous piggy banks, one for each of our four children. You can start as early as three years old, and use them through the years, as your child earns allowance or receives money for birthdays or holidays.

These fun and totally useful piggy banks are from, and they come in pink and blue. They’re $20 each, and they come with stickers so your child can put their name on top. The reason we love these piggy banks is because they come with three compartments that open up on top: one for spending, one for saving, and one for charity. At our house, when the kids earn their weekly allowance, they put some in “Spend” for shopping trips, some in “Save” which moves to their savings accounts at the bank when they’re all filled up, and some in “Give,” which our kids bring to church with them each Sunday.

Whether your child is saving for college, earning allowance towards the next family trip to the toy store, or giving back to the community, they’ll feel excitement and pride as they see their cash grow in these clever piggy banks!  Visually, kids really get the principles parents are trying to teach about money, so this is definitely a favorite find!

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  2. By Michelle on Sep 20, 2009 | Reply

    wow!! Have been in the store with people who have had to buy meat at the dollar store–I was just glad they had a full belly that night and people weren’t judging them–guess not the case for you–should stick to piggy banks!!

  3. By Shannon on Oct 11, 2009 | Reply

    Well, Michelle. I kinda know where she is coming from. If I HAD to, I would buy steak at Dollar Tree, at the same time I understand the irony Jen was pointing out. Lighten up!

    Thanks for the great site, Jen!

  4. By Marie A. on Jan 11, 2011 | Reply is gone! do you know where we can find piggy banks like that now?

    Love your site!

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