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Oh no……gum in the hair!

We all need a few tricks up our sleeve. I hope this one helps you the next time your little one wakes up with this!

Time for the Men to step up to the plate!

Come on fellas...7 days to plan and execute a GREAT datenight for your sweetie! Watch the video for your homework and some ideas!'re gonna have to forward this link to them..LOL

Write your kids a letter…

It takes 3 minutes! Writing a letter to your kid(s) is such an important part of parenting. Do it once a year on their birthday or keep a journal by your bed...but do it every once in awhile. Those funny stories need to be documented. Just do it! Don't wait...

Add some flair and style to your home!

Do you ever get tired of looking around and seeing boring meaningless artwork and candles all over your house? Do something different! Decorate with a new idea...

Your kids will LOVE this!

Do your kids get bored? If you want a fun easy and cheap idea this idea rocks! For only $1 you can keep your kids entertained...and all with a can of shaving cream! Have fun!