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Shut up guys…my purse is not that BIG!

So, many people tease me because my purse is so huge. Some say I could fit a small child in there. But you know what? Once I show you everything that’s in there, you’ll see how necessary it is to carry around a bag this size! Right, Moms? And no, you can’t fit a kid in my bag, but just you wait, it’s me you’re going to want to be in the car with when one kid gets all messy on the way to school, or you’re at a basketball game and your son is on the free throw line- who’s going to capture that moment? Me!

Here’s what’s inside:  In one pocket alone, I have my Blackberry-total necessity, some cash, baby wipes… Now I don’t have a bay anymore but I still have kids and we all know how they can need a cleanup at any given time. I carry my son’s iPod, and he keeps bugging me to get my own, but when I work out I just use his. Oh, and in that same pocket, my infamous black bag: my true addiction, which I cannot be found without, is LIP GLOSS! I swear, this little black bag that goes everywhere with me holds about 20 of them. (I’ll have another blog post about lip gloss alone, I’m telling you, I love it!)

The next pocket in my purse contains a highlighter & notebook, always be prepared to save those great ideas on the go. Then there’s my wallet, a huge, cluttered mess, but it works for me. I also carry stuff for my contact lenses, a key to my PO Box, and a flash drive. Oh, and a big save here: baby lotion. You know how when your kids are little you can keep track of when they last bathed? Well, with four kids you kind of lose track. So baby lotion (baby lotion) saves the day if you find you’re on the go & someone’s getting into the smelly zone.

All in all, I can absolutely defend my big old’ bag because I am the cool mom who always has everything. Stick with me, and you’ll never be in need. Back me up, ladies! Give me a shout out if you have a huge purse too!

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  2. By Mark Lovelady on Mar 18, 2009 | Reply

    It is true ladies…she does have a big purse!!!

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