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Favorite Find for the week…yummy side-dish!

Meal planning saves me many nights when the kids are at the witching hour and my hubby hasn’t walked through the door yet. I’ve thought ahead and have it on my calendar what main dish to serve my family, but what about a side dish? I’m often at a blank when I’ve got this great main dish ready, like fish, chicken, or whatever, and at the last minute I realize I don’t know what I’m going to serve with it.

That leads to this week’s favorite find! I love, love, love Costco, and am so sorry for any of you without access to one. But for most of us, we can pop into Costco, head towards the freezer aisle, and grab a bag of these: Alexia Sweet Potato Fries! Not only are they easy, just throw them in the oven, but they’re healthy too! Zero trans fat, low sodium, Viola! The true test, though… three out of four of my kids LOVED them! That’s a win for me! So next time you load up at Costco (or really most grocery stores), grab a bag or two of these Alexia fries and have yourself an easy, healthy, and kid-approved side dish!

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