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Real hysterical conversation in our home!

Last night's conversation at the Lovelady's! 

Mind you...this was a 30 second snapshot! We have 3 girls and only 1 boy!

It's 5 pm and the kitchen is buzzing while I am making dinner. The two year old is running around naked as usual! My 7 year old is sitting at the island, and my 12 year old is no where to be found while my only son listening to his IPod on the couch.

Me: (to the two year old who is sitting on the floor naked with a bunch of crackers) "Ashton, don't put food by your vagina!"

Stirring noodles, balancing the phone on my neck while I wait for my sister to answer...


7 year old: "Mommy, did you know Barney the dinosaur is in jail for smoking?"


Me: "No honey Barney is not in jail that is just a rumor." "Ashton, I said NO food in your vagina!"


7 year old: "Yes Sir! You don't know mom, he is in jail the kids at school said so!"

(Ring ring...neck hurts, "how long have I been holding the phone like this?"

In walks teary eyed 12 year old...


12 year old: "Mom you haven't been spending enough alone time with me and I am sad."


Me: "We just went on a date last week, and stop crying...are you going to start your period?"


12 year old: "MOM, I am not being emotional!"


7 year old to her big sister: "Tell mom about Barney!"

(ring ring ring ring)

Shoot who is supposed to be stirring the noodles!


Son: "Geesh, I can't believe I live with all these girls!"


Me: (to my sis who FINALLY picks up her phone) "Sorry Tracy I can't talk now, things just got crazy here."



Okay everyone that is a real conversation being held in OUR home...what about yours! LOL

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